About Us

We here at StickEcodes Inc. believe in keeping your memories alive. We have designed a great way to keep those memories alive, so that you can pass them on for generations to come by using our patent pending QR code technology



StorEstickums are a great way to tell the story about any item you want. Our website provides you with your own web page where you can tell the story about your item with words, pictures and video. After you create your web page you will be issued a unique StorEstickum to adhere to your object.

StorEstickum Label

Once you have attached the StorEstickum to your item it can be scanned with any QR code scanner with an internet connection and you will go right to your StorEstickum web page. StorEstickums are a great way to archive a special story about your special heirloom and let others retrieve that story for years to come

StickEcodes was formed in 2016 by two life long friends, Lyle Kafader and TC Mueller. We had the desire to preserve the stories that went with some of our family heirlooms, and from that desire, StickEcodes was born. As we investigated methodologies for doing this we found we had to improve on some existing technologies and we have three patents pending for those new technologies.

TC and Lyle

If you are interested in more information about StickEcodes you can check out our corporate website or email us at stickecodes@gmail.com.