Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't my pictures show up on my web page?
Usually clicking the reload button on the browser will get pictures that didn't load all the way (you only see the thumbnail icon) to show up. If you continue to have problems please contact and let us know the page (from the URL line in your browser), what kind of a computer your are using (PC-Windows 10) and which browser you are using.

What does Share My Story with the StorEstickum Community mean?
Share My Story with the StorEstickum Community means that your page will be listed on the StorEstickums Community pages and can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest and other users can view your page(s) from there. It also means that when the StorEstickums program creates your web page it will be searchable by search engines like Google. If you choose Do Not Share My Story with the StorEstickum Community, neither of these things will be true.

Where do I get a QR Code Reader?
You can go to the Android Play Store, Windows or Apple App Stores and download free QR Code Readers. For iPhone the recommended one is QR Reader by Tapmedia. For Android we've tested and recommend QR Code Reader by Scan Mobile, and for Windows we recommend Bar Code Buddy. There are lots of QR Code readers out there that will work. These are just the ones that we have tested.